Sept '22 Journey to DC

16 Sept 2022

I am leaving

Monday on the 19th. I will be in DC the 24th

16 Sept 2022

17 Sept 2022

Lord Willing

I will be at the the j6 rally on the 24th. Getting them out under the law of war.

Dear Clients, friends & family.

I am very blessed to have you in my life. Thank you. As most may have already heard. I am on a calling from my Lord Jesus and God All Mighty.
He has guided me to this moment in my life, to take another trip back to Washington D.C.
I hope the journey doesn't take long. I pray and hope to help Humanity and put a peaceful end to the situations that All of us around the world are in. To ease the burdens weighing heavily on each individual heart.
I will be fighting this fight under the laws of the Declaration of Independence, constitution, Bill of Rights, Law of war manual, Law of "Necessity " and the Bible, God's laws.
I am going to try to stay on the entire time. This an app that you can download. Jitsimeet. It's much like zoom.
Everyone is welcome to come in at anytime to watch or participate.
I will also try to upload some videos to my YouTube account.
I need to get a thousand followers/subscribers to go live. So if you can help me out with that by subscribing and sharing. It would be greatly appreciated. Whether you watch or not. Everyone is a blessing.
Thank you in advance for your support, understanding and patience.
May God bless each and everyone.
Bobwilliamshandyman (
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We The People...

Are tired of tyrannical government. Biological, economic, lawfare and climate warfare.
It is time for us TO STAND UP!
Individually then accumulative around the world. We The People can and WILL put a stop to it! 


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